Cijara Summer Camp

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  • Make friends from different countries
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  • Language Immersion Summer Camp

    Get the most from this Summer with an enjoyable and fun-filled Cíjara Summer Camp experience. We offer weekly or fortnightly Summer Camps with total Spanish language immersion (CÍJARA SUMMER CAMP BEACH) or just in English with Spanish classes (CÍJARA SUMMER CAMP FOREST), with certified language teachers, all native speakers, as well as camp counsellors. We offer a truly international experience!! From 8 to 16 years old. In one of our selected venues in Spain, choose from our extensive range of speciality camps offering languages, sports and arts. Each camper can be sure to find the ideal camp for a meaningful learning experience and an unbeatable summer holiday. Remember, Cíjara Camps Summer programmes are not run like schools! Of course, youngsters improve their skills and achieve personal growth but do it by having a great time and enjoying all the activities – that is how the learning process becomes FUN!
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  • Why choose Cíjara Summer Camp?

    • Language immersion

      A Summer Camp which offers total language immersion in English and Spanish.

    • Camp counsellors

      Specialized and certified native speaking instructors and counsellors.

    • Menu

      Our menu options are able to meet any food allergies or intolerances.

    • Personalized care

      Every child is unique and at Cíjara Summer Camp we know that!

    • Activities

      Multiple activity options: sports, games, dance, cultural excursions…

    • Communication

      Fluid communication between parents and the camp

  • What will you find at Cíjara Summer Camp?

    • Practise English and Spanish
    • English and Spanish speaking staff
    • Quality and Experience
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    • Unmatched scenic surroundings
    • Wide variety of activities
    • Safety and Professionalism
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    • Address

      Plaza de España, 2
      06689 Valdecaballeros

    • Email and Phone number

      Phone number: +34 653 391 370

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