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  • Practical issues

    Will they learn Spanish?

    Our mission is to ensure that your child is in direct contact with the language during their stay in CÍJARA SUMMER CAMP through games and activities, so the children have fun while learning. Language lessons and speaking and listening workshops, together with living and playing with English/Spanish children and staff, means a full immersion in the language and the opportunity to obtain an authentic accent, almost without realizing it!

    This is an extraordinary advantage over classes at school.

    How do I know my son/daughter has arrived at Camp?

    We will update you in real time via our Facebook page and our Twitter feed of the children’s arrival. Should you need to you can also call us after 9pm.

    Can the campers bring cell phones?

    Yes children are permitted to bring cell phones with them, however they will be collected by staff upon arrival to ensure they are kept safe and that any usage is supervised by CÍJARA SUMMER CAMP staff. Twice per week children will have the possibility and be encouraged to contact their families.

    Can I call my child at the camp?

    It’s important for children to settle into the camp and sometimes contact from home can make them feel homesick even if they are having a wonderful time. In the event of an emergency, of course you may call the camp to speak to your child, however this should only be done if absolutely necessary. Otherwise children will be encouraged to call their parents twice per week from their cell phones.

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  • ...and from the heart

    What is the right age to enrol my child?

    Only you, as parents, can know the answer. However, experience shows that the younger the child the easier they adapt. Our program is designed for children aged 8-16 years.
    Provided the child arrives at camp with a positive attitude, with the intention to make new friends and to learn new skills, we guarantee you that we will do everything possible for an unforgettable holiday.

    How will camp benefit my child?

    Experiences such as playing outdoors, enjoying nature and learning about the environment in an intuitive way are essential to a child’s positive development. This together with the wide variety of fun activities and the interaction with a new culture and language will result in a most enriching experience for young minds.
    We understand that you, as parents or guardians, have mixed emotions about sending your child to a summer camp, but the social and emotional benefits that your child will gain from a top quality, well-organised camp are priceless.
    Children will learn to interact with other children from different cultures, to forge friendships and memories. It will be possibly their first experience away from home without their parents, forcing them to reach out and embrace new situations and learn new skills. Camp works wonders for self-confidence and for many children CÍJARA SUMMER CAMP is an important step on a journey to becoming prepared, well-rounded young adults.
    If you decide to send your child to camp we believe you will not regret your decision!

    My child is shy and it’s the first time he/she leaves home…

    This is one of the reasons some parents actually choose to send their child to summer camp, to learn to overcome their timidity. It is true that all children may struggle to adapt to new situations and new people at first, but thanks to the dedication and professionalism of CÍJARA SUMMER CAMP staff your child will overcome those barriers. The earlier these issues are faced, the easier it is for a child to overcome them and learn new behaviours.

    My child is quite young, is he/she ready to go to camp?

    From approximately 7 years old, children invariably enjoy camp, however this will depend on their individual maturity. There are 6 and 7 year olds that thrive in a camp environment and adapt straight away and 11 and 12 year olds (or even older) who have never had an experience away from home and find it harder to adjust. The beauty of children is that every single one is unique and special, or so we see it, which is why we strive to get to know the children on an individual basis so that we know how to get the best out of them. Our groups are small, 1 monitor for 6 children – exceeding the legal requirements.
    Your child will come to a safe environment where she/he will expand their horizons, acquire life skills and develop their personality, allowing them to adapt more easily to the new situations that life may throw at them in the future.

    Missing home...

    This is a very common theme for children leaving home for the first time, although often the parents suffer more than the children themselves. The children are kept busy all day with our fun-filled program: Classes, workshops, sports & activities, trips, evening entertainment and games (all adapted to be suitable for each age range) so they don’t have much time to miss home! Of course they may have moments at the end of the day when they miss their families, but we work tirelessly and conscientiously for their wellbeing and to give them the right support, and a hug when they need it.

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