English, French or Spanish for foreigners

Cijara Summer Camp Forest allows campers to speak in English if their Spanish level is not very high, and they can also choose between Spanish and French classes to help them improve their language skills (for beginners).

This is an exciting and challenging programme that introduces campers who are enthusiastic about outdoor life to a thrilling range of sports. With our base on the beautiful forest in Extremadura, adventure campers will quickly lose themselves in the beautiful scenery near a lake. The adventure activities take campers into the forest and trails that surround the camp as well as permit the use of the excellent on-site activity facilities available in our campus.

Campers will get an exciting taste of water activities in crystal clear waters. Who knows, they might even get to experience a bit of kayaking as well!! Why not? In the lake, there might still be time for beach volleyball, swimming and just chilling out. Away from the lake, campers enjoy through shady ferns and great variety of trees into the camp. Other activities include archery, water slide and a lot of sports to round out a true Extremadura Adventure.

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You will enjoy learning new things and practising what you already know, and importantly, you will lose any fear of expressing yourself in your new language.
During the camp you will receive 15 language lessons (Spanish, English or French) per week (10-12 students per class on average) which, together with our teaching methodology of encouraging active participation and total language immersion, guarantees a maximum learning opportunity.

We will play the usual sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, swimming but also others that are not so common, archery, canoeing, waterpolo and other watersports and hiking in a truly natural environment, providing opportunities for children to try new activities.

Due to this variety of things that we are close to we can enjoy our time playing different games. Fun night activities, theatre, music, different workshops of journalism, environmental education, cooking, recycling, dancing and more and more…

Not everything is about learning and practising sports but also about enjoying the time in the camp. We are making different excursions to fantastic sides of Extremadura, starting from the amazing flora and fauna that surrounds the camp. We also go to visit such wonderful cities as Cáceres, Mérida, Plasencia and other amazing Cultural Monuments like the Cuacos de Yuste Monastery.

Our facilities

Cijara Summer Camp Forest can be found in the LA VERA region of Cáceres, in a beautiful valley surrounded by the Gredos mountains and running paralell to the Tietar river, with some amazing facilities. It is a very special and unique place which captivates you with its beauty.

Extremadura, situated in the South West of Spain on the border with Portugal,  is among the most diverse regions within Europe. It has the largest number of square kilometres of rivers and lakes and is among the first number of mountains as well as being the first in pasture land, in short, one of the luckiest regions in terms of biodiversity.

It also has an enviable culture and heritage with unique castles, palaces and monuments. Its historic towns compete in beauty. Mérida and Cáceres have both been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO and are rivalled by beautiful monasteries such as Guadalupe and Yuste, impressive castles such as Alburquerque or Trujillo, and palaces like the Parador in Zafra or Jarandilla de la Vera.Our excursion programme takes campers through the dramatic scenery of colourful Extreamdura to visit its historical towns and cities of culture including the picturesque, old town of Cáceres and impressive Monastry of Yuste.

  • Rooms for 4 people with private bathroom.
  • Modern Rooms for workshops and classroom heated.
  • Professional kitchen.
  • Ecological orchard.
  • An ecological farm.
  • Porch.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Forest way.
  • Air-conditioned living room.
  • Wifi.
  • Nursing.
  • Hall of renewable energies.
  • Greenhouse.

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