We are so proud or her!!

Nuestra ex camper en dos veranos consecutivos Dina Slobodkin, natural de Boston, Estados Unidos, obtuvo una medalla de oro en el examen de español que realiza « the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese” anualmente. Para ella, todo un triunfo. Para la familia Cíjara, todo un orgullo. Ha querido compartir con nosotros su dicha con estas palabras:


My name is Dina, and I’m a student in Boston, USA.

I was lucky to have spent two summers learning Spanish as a camper at Cijara Summer Camp. At camp, I got to speak with other kids and teenagers my age, and though I initially was skeptical we could become close friends because of our language-barrier, I was surprised at how easily I adapted to living at Cijara and communicating with counselors and campers in my second language. We formed life-long friendships while improving our Spanish skills and exploring the Spanish countryside in Extremadura, Spain. I’m happy to report that I still keep in touch with friends from summers past over social media, and get to continue practicing my Spanish skills even after leaving camp.

My summers at Cijara allowed me to excel in language courses at my high school. In 2018, I received a gold medal on the U.S. National Spanish Exam — one of just 2 students at my school. It was amazing to see my studies at Cijara be recognized here. Were it not for the incredible caliber of language lessons I received at camp, and the reassurance from my fellow Cijara campers, I would not have been as confident in my classes in school.

If you’re looking to improve your Spanish — or start from scratch! — I would encourage you to try a summer in Spain at Cijara Summer Camp. You’ll surely not regret it!

With love from Boston,

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