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    Get the most from this Summer with an enjoyable and fun-filled CÍJARA SUMMER CAMP BEACH experience! We offer a weekly or fortnightly Summer Camp with total Spanish Language Immersion, certified language teachers, all native speaking, as well as camp counsellors. We offer a truly international experience with children from many countries!! From 8 to 16 years old. In one of our selected venues in Spain, choose from our extensive range of speciality camps offering languages, sports, arts and leadership training. You can choose from Spanish, English or French classes. Each camper can be sure to find the ideal camp for a meaningful learning experience and an unbeatable Summer holiday. Remember, CÍJARA SUMMER CAMP BEACH programmes are not run like schools! Of course, youngsters improve their skills and achieve personal growth, but do it by having a great time and enjoying all the activities - that is how the learning process becomes FUN! This is the basis of our guiding mission – Education through Recreation.

  • Activities


    You will enjoy learning new things and practising what you already know, and importantly, you will lose any fear of expressing yourself in your new language.
    During the camp you will receive 15 language lessons per week (10-12 students per class on average) which, together with our teaching methodology of encouraging active participation and total language immersion, guarantees a maximum learning opportunity.


    We will play the usual sports, such as football, basketball, swimming but also others that are not so common, like surfing, archery, canoeing, paddle surfing, rugby, watersports and hiking in a truly natural environment, providing opportunities for children to try new activities.

    Games and parties

    Beach and sand, dunes and cliffs, waves and sun, forest and mountain… Due to this variety of things that we are close to we can enjoy our time playing different games. Fun night activities, theatre, music, different workshops of journalism, environmental education, cooking, recycling, dancing and more and more…


    Not everything is about learning and practising sports but also about enjoying the time in the camp. We are making different excursions to fantastic sides of Andalucía, starting from the amazing flora and fauna that surrounds the camp. We also go to visit such wonderful cities as Cádiz and El Puerto de Santa María.

    • Our facilities

      This Camp is located in an area exclusively reserved for CÍJARA SUMMER CAMP at the Hotel Las Dunas, in the Peri-Urban Park of Puerto de Santa María, next to “La Puntilla” beach.

      We are also adjacent to the Pine Forests of the Las Dunas de San Antón Natural Park. We will have at our disposal a largeprivate space to develop all our activities.

      Our campers will be installed in the newly renovated rooms for 3/4 people, fully equipped and air-conditioned. We haveour own professional kitchen able to prepare all kinds of special menus as well as for those with special dietaryrequirements, always using the local produce.

      • Rooms fully-equipped for 3-4 people.
      • Professional kitchen.
      • Restaurant.
      • Swimming pool.
      • Laundry.
      • Sports city (with basketball courts, hard-surface football training pitches and conventional football pitches).
      • Media centres.
      • A well-equiped theatre with outdoor stages.
      • Large landscape areas.
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    • Testimonials

    • I am very happy with this Summer Camp because I am learning lot of things like, life guard and doing clothes with bin bags… And I do new friends American and of Badajoz… THIS IS THE BEST SUMMER CAMP EVER!!

      — Irene Gil

      We play games and we speak English with people who were born in America. We play fames that they play in their country and is cultural in their country, we play “kickball”, “capture the flag”, and “choreography”

      — Álvaro Jofre
    • La comida está muy buena, hay mucha variedad y la mayoría son comidas españolas, para enseñar a los americanos comidas típicas de aquí.

      — Clara Mateos

      The Summer Camp is very funny. We learn, play, dance… And we talk with American people. The monitors are very wizard!!

      — Ana Cevidanes