My CÍJARA experience: I ventured into the woods of Cuacos de Yuste with my family in order to admire the stunning wildlife and nature of the place as well as use this opportunity to bond and have an enjoyable weekend with the ones that I love. We had an organised plan for both days including a range of activities involving both; learning and exploring the nature of the place, as well as, visiting the rural areas of the village, their antique architecture and historic monuments.

When we arrived at the place we immediately had prepared a mushroom course, which are an abundant product on the area. It was really interesting searching for this fruitage on the woods and analysing the extreme variety of them, over a thousand different types. Although the weather conditions weren’t favourable at this time of the year . This course provided us with several skills, such as identifying the basic mushrooms by their appearance and adaptations.You could highlight the tranquility and peaceful environment.

When finished the journey we had a delicious lunch, very traditional which we all enjoyed.

Moreover, the time came to leave the forest and dive into the centre village. In there we visited the “Palace of Carlos V” which is the most admired and preserved antiquity and monument of Cuacos de Yuste. On this beautiful palace we had a tour around, the most special part was treasuring the breathtaking views.

In addition, we had dinner at an exquisite restaurant in which we tasted all kinds of foods from the area.

To conclude, my experience at Cuacos de Yuste was something unforgettable, and I can assure that I will come back to visit this place again soon. I hope you all have an awesome summer at this incredible place and enjoy the same as I did.



Julia E. Spain

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